CiM 2021

Back in 2006 Kathy Brash established Creation is Messy (CiM) with the objective of creating a line of COE 104 colors that would expand the range for lampworkers and broadening the palette.  Based in Portland, and manufacturing hand pulled rods at a small family owned operation in China.   Kathy and her husband Dana moved to China to work for several years and develop the range with the Chens who owned and operated their boutique glass production before moving back to Portland. 

The CiM range has several Limited Runs series and are produced in small batches.  In addition, they are famous for their recently added milky and misty ranges of colors that can be struck to varying degrees of translucency.  In addition, CiM works with a whole range of tester the world over and you can see all the inputs regularly on their IG account @creationismessy.  All of the ranges are continuously tested. 

Lubna was introduced to CiM in 2005 and fell in love with the finishes and lustre of the range and the new additions that come about.  Hold onto a few rods from each Limited Run as you never know if you will see it around again.  YADAWI is proud and happy to be able to offer this range to our customers who can purchase in person in Kuwait or order online.