All About the Dot!

145.000 د.ك

A new workshop experience, join us!  Exploring as many possibilities of dot articulations and discovering new ones along the way.  Lubna has been developing the concept for this offering for the last three years.

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Hasnaa focussed on bead shaping
Dot placement is key

Four day Immersive Beadmaking Workshop

A brand new program exploring the dot in beadmaking that Lubna has been developing in the past three years.  Her love for dots and delving deep and wide into all the possibilities and then taking the explorations and experiments even further for you the maker.  This element is the basis of some of the world’s most innovative beadmaking artists and is an excellent foundation to further your practise and finished pieces.

A total of 12 hours at the studio.  In addition, after you complete the workshop you will recieve a Torch Time Coupon of five hours additional access to practise and perfect what you have learned.

Focussing on heat control, dot placement, rotation and positioning will enable you to create interesting new beads as part of a set.  A few of the approaches we will be exploring-

  1. Basic dots (not so basic)
  2. Stringers and Rods for dots
  3. Dot Placement
  4. Stacked dots
  5. Masking dots
  6. Layered dots
  7. Poked dots
  8. Manipulating dots
  9. Distortion
  10. #40beadchallenge

Age: 16 years+ (Parental Consent is required)

Venue:  YADAWI Studio A

Bait Al Othman Museum, Block 3, HAWALLY