Contemporary Arabic Calligraphy: Beginners Wissam Script

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One of the most pioneering calligraphers of our time.  Wissam Shawkat developed and established this new script back in the early 2000’s which  is a succinct contemporary approach to modern calligraphy.  It’s aesthetic lies in the fusion and tension of fluidity and sharpness combined allowing for a classical take on modernity.

Artist and calligrapher Nawaf Al Rahmani who has carefully studied this script over the years will share the process and applications for a six session experience.

What you will learn:

  • How do use the wooden reed nib and special inks for Arabic Calligraphy
  • To create the letter forms and strokes consistently and to understand the proper angles required for this script
  • the methods of connecting letters and creating words with cadences and visual flow particular to “Wissam”
  • How to create designs and renderings that include and are not limited to Zoomography with the “Wissam” Script

Materials in your kit:

  • Special wooden reed nib
  • Special paper and writing surfaces
  • Ink for Arabic Calligraphy
  • Leeq ( Silk gauze)
  • Detailed Workshop handbook

This workshop is organized and brought to you by TypeCal and YADAWI.


Event Details

Start time: 18:00 UTC+03

End time: 20:00 UTC+03

Venue: YADAWI Main Studio

Directions: There is a dedicated parking lot in front of the Museum. You can park there. Cross the street and to the right of the yellow truch is the entrance. Located at Bait Al Othman, the entrance is the second to the right which is the Bait Al Othman Institute. Walk through and the third Studio on the right is where you will arrive.

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Email: [email protected]