TypeCal From Home Workshop with Steven McCarthy

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Join TypeCal From Home with an exciting collage workshop with Steven McCarthy.

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Collage is a method of combining disparate visual elements, typically cut and torn paper glued to a substrate. Existing images and texts are then remediated into new meaning and expression through


Often credited to the early and mid-twentieth century artwork of Georges Braque,
Kurt Schwitters, Hannah Höch and John Heartfield, for example, collage methodology has sincebeen embraced across media. Collage-making enables Steven to take elements from the past and re-mix them into speculations on an unknown future. In a way, collage is ‘un’graphic design as it re-
verse-engineers the considered layouts of others. He delights in proposing new meaning and emotion through image and text relationships.

Part of our TypeCal From Home Series in 2022 with a two day workshop with Steven McCarthy.

Event Details

This is a two day workshop with the first day  being in depth and to bring your materials such as magazines, text books and printed materials, scissors and paper glue.

The second day Steven will want to see your work  and to have a show and tell along with critiques and feedback.

NOTE:  Once you receive the Zoom link it should give you access to the two days. If you have any technical issues email us at [email protected] or the contact number.

Day 1: 13/05/2022
Start time: 18:00
End time: 20:30

Day 2: 14/05/2022
Start time: 18:00
End time: 20:30

Start time: 18:00 UTC+03

End time: 20:30 UTC+03

Phone: +96565175460

Email: [email protected]